Saturday, August 18, 2018

Long Time Update w/ YouTube Channel / Social Media Linkage

Wowza, I know it's been WAY too long since I posted anything on here! But I have a good
excuse, maybe? 😀

Instead of writing blogs for you to have to read, I've come to the conclusion that I may let my videos speak for themselves and start posting updates on them as I get them finished. I would love for you all to go subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media so you can see what I'm doing out there in "Foodieland" and beyond!

For me, video creation/film-making is what I'm most passionate about and I feel like that is a better way for me to get my point across...Also, it's more visual for you, the audience! 😜📺Hopefully they make you hungry too, since I showcase so much food in them! But anyhooz, just thought I'd give "all-a-yuz" an update on what my plans are now. Take it easy! ✌

The linkage I referred to in ze title:

Regular Guy EAT'N FOOD Channel

Regular Guy EAT'N FOOD Instagram

Regular Guy EAT'N FOOD Facebook

Regular Guy EAT'N FOOD Twitter

And if you just want a direct link to a few of my latest videos here those are as well! 👀

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Months Fly By But I'm Still Eatin'!

Hiya folks! Can't believe it's already February!

It has been a couple months since I last touched base with ya. But with the holidays and us sliding into 2018 so fast, I've been playing a bit of catch up honestly...There were however plenty of new experiences and foodie fun out there during this time and I'll try and share as much as I can with you in this post. Without boring you to tears of course... ;)

I love food! Which I think is pretty obvious considering I created my own food show and blog...Something I love about this whole shebang, is the fact that I get to meet all sorts of incredible like-minded, creative people in the process. The chefs or "food artists" I've met since I started this have become good friends of mine and their amazing food creations have helped me keep this thang going! Plus I've gotten to eat these dishes, so that's always good! ;)

But basically what I'm thinking for this post is to just throw a bunch of food related pics at ya and see what you think? That should keep your interest and make you hungry hopefully! Ha! That's another thing I always want to do with my content is make you hungry! Commence to drooling...

Okay, so we've got Valentine's Day coming up this week and I think you need to get your special someone a lovely doughnut bouquet! Just saying...Ha! Daylight Donuts here in Leeds/Moody is a place that has them where I live. Don't these look tasty? And sprinkles, everybody loves sprinkles! Especially heart-shaped ones!

One final note...If you feel froggy, jump on over to Instagram and follow me @regguyjosh for more pics and foodie fun!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did November Really Just Happen?

Oh my goo-ness! This has to be the quickest a month has gone by all year long! And now the Christmas season is upon us...

Thanksgiving, which happens to be one of my fave holidays of course, was awesome as always! What's not to love about a holiday centered around food? (I know there's a more significant meaning to it, but it does involve us eating A LOT!) That being said, I ate too much but it was totally worth it...I'll def be trying to shave off a couple of the pounds left from the aftermath though...

Earlier this month, I had what is probably one of my new favorite sandwiches! It's from a new place that just opened up called Hero Doughnuts in Homewood, AL. They've actually been doing pop-ups for a while but finally had the opportunity to open up their own shop. Their doughnuts are top notch, but I was pleasantly surprised by this Super Crunch! It's a fried chicken sandwich made with a homemade brioche bun, homemade pickles, pepper jelly, and something they call "crack sauce." Sounds like something you'd want to hop in your car and go get? Well if that didn't convince you, here's a couple pics of this lovely creation!

Well now that you're drooling, I suppose I'll say goodbye for now. Hope you and yours have the happiest of holidays! And if you don't hear from me before Christmas, it's probably because I'll be in a food coma from all the goodies that come along with it...Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope it was spook-tacular! :)

I'm going to keep this one short even though it's been a little bit, but I will totally add more in the next week or so! Had fun about two weeks ago with Heavenly Donut Co. decorating some doughnuts on WBRC for Halloween. I got a little creative of course and made my very own "Mini-Me!" Ha! Even made it on WBRC and Heavenly Donut Co.'s "Insta-Stories" on Instagram...Just wanted to share since after all, it is All Hallow's Eve...Bwahahaha! Here's some linkage to the segment, plus some pics from the day...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Couple Solo Interviews (But No Han)...

What's up ever-body! Hope life's been good for ya! I mentioned in my last blog that I didn't have a link to share of my solo interview I did for WBRC. Well here it is! Of course I had to record it off of my TV, so pardon the volume not being the best...

Doing interviews is always fun to me though, especially when the person doing the interview makes it fun and is easy to talk with. Janet Hall is definitely one of the "Greats" out here where I live! She knows her stuff!

Okay, so here's another interview I did fairly recently on another channel, don't tell WBRC! ;) It was a hoot as well and I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to be on Talk of Alabama again. Javante was really cool and actually had to do the whole show by herself that day, so bravo to her! They don't allow you to have your cell phone out on set so I wasn't able to get any pics there, but I did get a couple snazzy little screenshots! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Well July Flew By...

I can't believe it's already August! Time definitely goes by super fast when you're older!

So I actually flew solo for the news at the end of June, but they never put a video online (I'm working on that though!) for me to share. :( Here's a couple snapshots from it though, most of which are selfies. And I'm terrible at selfies I might add! Ha!

Had a lot of fun as you can see!

My next trip to WBRC in early July was with this little known BBQ joint you've probably never heard of called Dreamland...Can you sense the sarcasm here? Ha! No they are actually one of the biggest names in the biz when it comes to their barbeque, not just here in Alabama, but all over! I'm a big fan of their ribs, but this "Big Daddy" sandwich they made on the news with me was rather tasty! Yummo! I'm looking forward to hopefully doing more with them in the future!

Sadly, I didn't get booked for any news fun in August, but I will be back in September! Just last Friday I took one of my fave BBQ places that's local to my area. R & R BBQ has some of the best cue I've had, and I've had a lot of it trust me! But Colt actually was showcasing one of the brisket burgers he does. And this thang was no joke! The name says it all, and the T-Rex didn't disappoint with it's tastiness! It was Jurass-tastic! Just watch this and see if you don't want to drive to Odenville to get you one...

Here's a few pics in case you want more after watching the video!

Look for more content coming to my YouTube channel soon as well! Got a few things in the works, and I'll def keep ya posted. Peace out!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Daylight Donuts Leeds/Moody Round 2: Cool Key Lime Doughnut WBRC

Just in time for summer I was able to bring Jonathan of Daylight Donuts Leeds/Moody with me again to be on WBRC. And seeing how it is summer, he showed us how to make their seasonal "Cool Key Lime Doughnut." Isn't it purdy?

I'll be honest with you, I've never been a big key lime pie fan, but this doughnut is actually pretty good...The buttercream icing on top also adds a nice touch to the additional flavors. They've got quite a variety at their location as well, some of which you won't find most places. So if you live in the area you should definitely check them out!

WBRC Daylight Donuts Leeds/Moody Cool Key Lime

I always have too much fun on the set before we go on! Also decided to play around with the image of Jonathan holding the doughnuts in Photoshop to make them pop more because they're so bright!