Friday, April 8, 2016

Episode 1: Little Bit of R & R BBQ

I've been slacking I know, but blogging is something fairly new to me...That being said, I'll just dive right in! 

It's actually been almost a month now since I debuted the very first episode of my new show (which I will attach in this post). My first stop took me about 10 minutes from my house to a food truck in Leeds, AL owned/operated by Colt Reese, known as Little Bit of R&R BBQ. The name speaks for itself. Because once you've eaten it, you'll want to kick up your feet and dream of the next time you'll taste it's barbequey goodness. It's that delish!

While there, I sampled a good bit of what they have on the menu, as well as some items that are either specialties, or are no longer available, #Sadface. The "pig candy" was a nice surprise, because you can never go wrong with anything bacon! My fave though is probably their pulled pork because it's so tender and juicy. Umm! Makes me smile just typing about it! :) Their super secret sauce, which took two years to come up with, complements everything it touches extremely well. It's that right balance of being just a tad sweet, but also having enough of a tang to make even John Glenn happy!

Not only will you get some of the best BBQ you've ever put in your mouth, you'll get some comparable sides. The baked beans have a nice little addition the makes them stand out from any I've had before. And that mac & cheese, oh man the mac & cheese! You'll just have to drive out the Leeds or to their 280 location and see what I mean. And desserts, oh my goodness...Bread pudding is something to right home to Mom about!

Well now that I've spilled the "beans" in my first blog post, I'm going to "wrap" this up! Food puns intended.

Side Note: This first episode was actually filmed back in August of last year, and they have since taken the Dino Rib off the menu. :*( One side addition though is that they are serving cornbread with their plates now. I heard it through the grapevine that it's supposed to be quite tasty! Also, you can visit them at their other location off of 280 near the Walmart, plus there's an actual restaurant on the horizon in the near future for Odenville, AL...

Without much further ado, enjoy and let me know what you think! Like, subscribe, follow, etc. etc.