Sunday, October 2, 2016

Regular Guy EAT'N FOOD: Episode 5 - Old Town Pizza

The time has finally arrived to unveil episode 5! It's PIZZA TIME!

I LOVE pizza! It's one of my favorite foods to eat. One main reason being that it's a blank crusty canvas you can paint with endless toppings...Delicious, tempting toppings! And there is no doubt that's what Old Town Pizza truck is bringing to the table with the tasty ingredients they use!

Practically everything they used is locally sourced, and you can definitely tell a difference. From the "Whole Hog" to the "Big Buff" they're serving up a unique pizza experience! All of which was inspired by the owner T.J. Hagan's trip to Italy where he learned some traditional techniques.

The wood fired brick oven delivers a much more rustic flavor than what you'd normally get at a pizza joint. I personally enjoyed every pizza I tried, and they all warmed up well as leftovers. You should definitely find them on social media and see where they'll be. Glad that their executive chef Pelham reached out to me about them, and look forward to getting some 'zza from them again in the future!