Friday, May 26, 2017

Busy-Busy, May Sure Has Been A Tizzy!

April showers brought May flowers, and also a busy month! So I've got quite a few items to share in this particular post! So buckle in!

Back on May 5th I had Bendy's Cookies & Cream with me on the WBRC Noon cooking segment and we had some ice cream sammies that were amazing! I got to make my own I called the "Churro Especial" in honor of Cinco de Mayo and it was delish! Snickerdoodle cookies, cinnamon vanilla sugar ice cream, sprinkles, the whole nine! You can see what it looked like in the pic below...It was after a couple bites of course! ;)

And so if that wasn't enough sweet toothy goodness...I went straight from the news and my lovely ice cream creation to try some homemade churros that Heavenly Donut Co. was doing as a special! And of course I had to do a little video about it! :) It's also the first ever version of my short vids I'm calling "First Bite." Fingers crossed they may eventually have these on the menu full-time!

Next on the docket, is The Hot Tag and I's trip to WBRC on May 19th. I actually wasn't feeling too snazzy that day, but I soldiered on and put on my best face for the news...The Mr. Olympia burger they made on there was so delicious! The video should be enough to tempt you, but I'll post a pic or two to go along with it!

And lastly...Gosh I know, foodie overload right! Hopefully you've made it this far with all of this stuff though! Ha! I shot a To-Go "minisode" with MELT out in Avondale which is a hot-spot for some great restaurants out here in Birmingham, AL. Everything I've eaten there has been great, and definitely cheesy! I love me some cheese! Check it out and maybe I won't spring everything on you all at once in the next post!

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