Sunday, April 23, 2017

R & R BBQ "Loaded Totchos" on WBRC

Let me just tell you, if you've never had totchos, it's time for that in your life! R & R BBQ out here in Odenville, AL has got some and they're "loaded!" We're talking tater tots, bacon, cheese, ranch, queso, and of course their amazing pulled pork...I don't think simply describing them does much justice! So that's why I'm providing this lovely video link for you to enjoy from our recent segment on WBRC! ;)

WBRC R & R Loaded Totchos

And if that video wasn't enough, here's a little bit of that pork glorious-ness for you to ogle...

Of course, can't forget the creative pork genius who creates this awesome stuff, Colt Reese. He's always coming up with fresh jazzy menu items at his place! Oh and in case you were wondering, I'm wearing the bowtie because I was messing with one of the anchors who always wears one like it on air. He usually sneaks in towards the end of the segment to try whatever's cooking as you'll see in the vid...

But anyhooz, just wanted to go ahead and share this with ya. You know, since I've been so darn slacky lately! Take it easy!

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