Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sorry For Slacking & WBRC Segments

Okay, okay. I know I've mentioned something before about slacking with my posts. But this time around it's a total slack-tastic situation!

I've done three more appearances with guests on WBRC and have yet to mention that on here. Like I said, absolute slackery! I won't talk too much on this post, but just share photos and video clips.

On National Pi Day I took Old Town Pizza believe it or not! I didn't even think about that when I set that up, but it was 3/14 after all! Somehow the digital feed at WBRC wasn't transferred, so no clip on that one. But I do have these fun pictures where the second one looks like I'm doing some sort of dinosaur move. Not sure? Ha!

The next go 'round I was able to take Isaac of Swoul Food with me again for a chance to show off his Swoul Pies and man were they delish! And they're healthy too! ;)

Then this past Friday, April 7th I got a local donut shop close to where I live to go with me. Who doesn't love donuts right?! I know what you're thinking at this point, you were slacking so much by not sharing ANY of this with us! Sorry, gah! Ha! Daylight Donuts Leeds/Moody has some really tasty sweet treats though!

Okay, now that I've hopefully overcome my slacky-ness you'll forgive me! I won't let it happen again I swear! (You should try to have some kind of game with the amount of times I used some form of "slack" in this post, might be fun! Ha!) There's actually one more thing I was going to talk about on here, but I'll save it for the next one...Until next time! Peace!

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